Wednesday, December 29, 2004

I’m supposed to be studying. For my pre boards and Olympiad and so on and so forth. I’m not though. As is obvious I’m posting. I have nothing much to write about, so I fished out something I wrote a while back and I would like to hear what you guys thought of it. Even if you think it’s tosh and nonsense, say so. Anyway (inhale), here goes…

When you’re especially weary, your tired body trudging down a busy road in the heart of the city,

And all you want to do is to rest your aching body and shut out the raucous sounds of the human world…

There is a sudden lull in the traffic and all you hear are the sounds of the breeze and the crickets in the fading twilight,

Till a vehicle zooms past, shattering the calm; starting yet another stream of continuous bustle…

I’m thankful for such moments of silence.

When you’re humiliated and hurt by someone’s jeers and you want to hide away in shame,

And the piece of glass in your cheap brass ring happens to catch the light, making it sparkle like a diamond;

The sight of which transports you to a world of fantasy.

I’m thankful for such hopes.

When you’re lying on the grass on a hillside with a friend, staring at cloud shapes…

There is so much you can see that your friend can’t.

I’m thankful for such secrets.

When you’re all alone and in a pensive mood,

You don’t bother to turn on the light as night falls…

You sit in the darkness for hours enveloped in your own thoughts…

I’m thankful for such solitude.

When you spend an evening with friends;

Talking about nothing, grinning like idiots, giggling uncontrollably, convulsed with laughter.

I’m thankful for such fits of gaiety.

When you’ve had a fight and a friend happens to call,

You scream at him and blame him for everything that’s wrong,

Knowing he won’t mind…

Knowing there’s someone out there you can fall back on…

I’m thankful for such friendships

Some might think I’m weird but, reflect upon it…

Sometimes the most bizarre things help us make it through…

Yeah, yeah…I did write that. So go ahead and tell me what you thought of it. Even you lazy ones, start commenting. NOW!

See y’all!

Sunday, December 26, 2004

An Ode to Alma Mater

After two hectic days of Christmas partying, the blues have finally set in. I talk not of the dreaded pre-boards, nor of the dull, foggy weather, but as most other students, I talk of leaving school. 23rd December was officially our last working day. Photos, food and making memories was what it was all about. We started with the exam (which was crappy) to be followed by class photographs (where XII-R, out of sheer nostalgia, broke into our assembly song, “Follow me”) and then our last ever Special (!) Assembly. This was by far one of the best assemblies I have been part of, what with an impromptu choir being put together to sing “Lakshya”(which, of course, we sang completely out of key), Vrinda’s speech (which didn’t progress much beyond “Good morning”), Prateek’s speech (which consisted of 3 words- Best of luck) and Mrs. C’s enthusiastic smile as she paraded up and down the stage throughout the assembly. We were then let into the football field (or golf greens!) like a herd of wild buffaloes, where we basically ate good food and clicked millions of photographs. Even after my Dad signed me out and I walked out of the school gate that misty afternoon, the feeling of bidding adieu to my alma mater still hadn’t sunk in.

It’s going to take a long time for me to come to terms with the fact that I shall no longer be getting up at 6:00 to catch that cursed bus (especially on those awful Monday mornings) or that I shall no longer hang around at the canteen in the break catching hold of random people and demanding money. There is so much I owe to my school. Most of all, I owe my thanks. Thanks for a wonderful 14 years; I’ve had my fair share of the downs, but they didn’t take away from the wonderfulness of it all. Thanks for my friends; some are old, some are new discoveries, but all of them have their quirks that make them so special. Thanks for a faculty, which, I must admit, got on my nerves most of the time, but all in all, were a brilliant lot who always managed to finish the course on time. And of course, thanks for the millions of competitions, that gave me sanction to “legally” bunk so many classes.

I shall never actually let go of school. It’s like a beautiful chapter which is drawing to a close, but shall always be there to open up again for future references. My experiences at school have given me all I need to face the world. Wheedling teachers for a mark or two more has taught me diplomacy, apologising to my friends has taught me humbleness, backing up a classmate has taught me teamwork, passing Monday tests have taught me to have faith in and trust others, winning competitions has taught me smugness, bunking classes has taught me caution and being a student has shown me what it is to love and to be loved. Saying goodbye is always tough. I shall therefore, use Manav’s catch phrase and say, “ Let’s hope we keep meeting Hagain Dhalinghe!”

Tuesday, December 21, 2004


Greetings! Hard drive crashed! Hmph! Had to delete my last entry….no fair man! It was the only entry with decent number of comments….. It completely DISGUSTS me though, that people visited my blog only cos the unmentionable was mentioned…. and also that some people have absolutely no life and insist on spending every free moment they have in sticking their abnormally large noses into things that are totally not their business….I mean gossip, gossip, gossip! Get over it, featherheads!

Test series week…almost as bad as exam week…. attempt to study, groan, attempt to study, whine, attempt to study, fail…sad! Had a very, very, very horrible pol science paper (mainly cos my book was new and nothing was marked in it, some bugger in class stole my old one)…that was my bible, it was…had a very, very horrible history paper with 2 blank maps and leaving 10 marks worth the paper in theory…all in all, 20 marks left! SIGH! Psychology was thankfully not as disastrous.

Meanwhile, slam sheets are being distributed by the million in our school…some nuts don’t even give their darned papers…they just come to school to give their friends their slam sheets! Geez! I have been going to school at normal timings and have had to suffer at the hands of the most insufferable people in the world who come to school and yell their heads off in class and don’t let others study and when I yell at them to shut up , they whine about not getting their damned slam sheets back! Uff! Anyway, am I sounding like a whiny old lady? Actually, don’t answer that, it’s rhetorical….

Me’s all sad and depressed as my wonderful school years come to a close. Why, oh why must they ruin our last week with tests? Darn! But me feels terrible for Mrs C. it’s NOT her fault…

MUN over…. Centuries back!! Had tremendous fun and have since then have been officially recognised as ‘ze mad woman’ by Skaranses… apparently, I was the laughing stock, courtesy my exotic wardrobe that made me look like an air stewardess the first day (fine, say airhostess if you must. I think air stewardess is cooler!), an escaped convict the second day and thanks to my open hair, a hag on the third day( allright, chudail if you must!) I have many hilarious anecdotes to relate from inviting the delegates to speak on the podium and then dispatching a few hundred messengers to hunt for the vanished podium while the poor delegate looked most nonplussed to Anuva’s spoonerisms telling the ‘Gelegates to kindly approach the Tair’ (which is as bad as ‘hissing your mystery test’!) and furiously bidding for the most unhot guys in the WHO committee room during the lunch break! I shall however, refrain from relating these anecdotes to you as it is a very tedious task and also, the fear of boring y’all stops me. Hehe!

Christmas is almost here…have started listening to people sing about partridges, pear trees, white Christmases, sleigh bells and the works! It also means more presents. Yay!

My mother has already started fussing about what I should wear for the farewell. It doesn’t interest me much and, in the immortal words of Mrs. Raghavan (who is currently getting her whole family married off), “I couldn’t be bothered!” However, my mother has remained undaunted and has presented me with 9 odd sarees to choose from! Help me! SOS! Till next time, ciao…

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