Saturday, February 26, 2005

As doomsday approaches, all one can hear are groans all around; as the tension builds, everyone sounds like it’s their last day on the planet; call up anyone, and they sound like they’re speaking from their deathbed. Only, the other day, I advised a bunch of sciencees not to sound like they were being crushed under a hundred tons of pure iron. Remorsefully, they assured me that the physics and chemistry courses put together were much, much worse than that! Ah well, this too shall pass…

I, on the other hand, am not feeling quite as tense as I’m supposed to, and the mere fact that I’m not tense is making me tense. Since the days monotonous and rather dull, there’s precious little to talk about. So today, I shall proceed to introduce you to a rather quaint little person, who has been the source (and cause) of many an amusing tale and who can take credit for Bhavya’s usual way of acknowledging my presence –“Smeeta”. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Avik Ganguly. What, might you ask, is the reason for this sudden introduction to a person most of you have never, and might never, see. Well, the first would be, as I have pointed out earlier, lack of anything to write about. The second would be that I was talking to him on the phone today (which surprised him a great deal, as he felt somehow, that all phone calls are, as of now, being “censored”), when he said that he had discovered my blog and searched in vain for his name and didn’t find it anywhere. Thus, li’l ol’ me promised him an ode, quite similar to the way I gave Skaranses, Shantanu and Manav “special mentions”. Yes, well so Avik Ganguly is the sort of person who is very hard to come by. He has strange ways and strange passions. One anecdote with Avik: I met him in McDonald’s when I was out with Arjun and Vasudha for MUNA work. We were grabbing a bite at McDonald’s. We had just taken possession of our trays and the other two had gone upstairs and I was on the way up, when I spotted Avik walk in. Me, being me, yelled out in sheer delight,”HEY AVIK!” Avik looked up, detected the source of the noise and, without batting an eyelid, calmly turned around and continued placing his order, giving me the royal ignore. Rather puzzled, I went upstairs and proceeded to have a lovely time with Arjun and Vasudha, but that, of course, is another story. The next day I met Avik in school (mind you, the two of us sit together in class usually) and not wanting to embarrass either him or myself, didn’t mention the happenings of the day before. Then, surprise, surprise! Avik, himself, came up to me and said, “Smita, I’m really sorry about yesterday, but you see, I never say hi to anyone in public.” Well, I was rather taken aback. I, for a moment, had no idea how to react. But words do not fail me often, or for long. So I said to him, “ Not a problem at all. The next time I want to say hi to you, I’ll take you to a nice, cosy, dark, private corner and we can exchange all our pleasantries there!” There was another time when I invited him to my birthday party and his response was “Thanks, but no thanks”. Rather offended, I asked him whyever not. He said he doesn’t go to birthday parties. Ah well, it takes all kinds to make the world. And Avik may have his many quirks and be different, but he’s a gem of a person. His honesty and confidence, I admire greatly; his sense of humour, I appreciate; and his ability to be himself in front of anyone and everyone, I envy. So here’s to you, Avik, my friend, and my partner at solving many a crossword!

Nothing much to say now. My bitch is currently rather attractive to other dogs in the vicinity. I have a tough time trying to keep the horny, young, middle-aged and doddering dogs away from her during her walks. My history course is finally getting to me. I have it pouring out of my ears, nose, eyes and mouth. I’m vomiting history. And that’s where the fundamental problem lies- it refuses to be retained! I’ve lost the will to study now. Damn! I was listening to Indian Ocean’s ‘Kandisa’ this night. Really liked it. Nice, earthy and fluid. Very refreshing. Bhavya has informed me that I have the privilege of being his and PC’s next target for meanness. That should be fun. They, apparently, have tired of Manav and Damini.

This hasn’t made a very interesting read for all of you, so I’ll just shut up now. But before I depart, I would like to reiterate my point, there’s nothing much to talk about!

Thursday, February 24, 2005

B-L-A-C-K: Black

Yup, finally went and saw it. Apart from Amitabh being 'Amitabh', I have to admit the movie was flawless. As for a review, I'm speechless and spellbound. Words simply fail me, and trust me that doesn't happen too often! It's very rare that a Hindi movie leaves such a deep impact on me and actually gets me thinking.
Life's a roller coaster. It has its ups and downs.
On the up side, I finally installed Haloscan! Wheeeeeeeeeeee! Actually, more like it got automatically installed or something. But, wheeeeeeeeeee, nevertheless!! Now, hopefully, Anonymice shall not plague me half as much.
On the down side, I have just had an encounter with one of the most horrific horrors been recently unleashed on the contemporary world. Yes, I speak of JLo's song 'Get Right'. Here, words do not fail me. It's the most hideous, horrible, horrendous, icky, blyechy, nerve- racking, blood-pressure-raising, teeth-gnashing and ,oh yeah, irritating song in this universe. It also posseses immense tenacity of life. No matter how many times, or in how many ways, you try to kill it, the bloody thing refuses to die. You can stab it, wring its neck, try smothering it...but, alas! To no avail. The annoying thing remains adamantly stuck in your head. In retrospect, it makes me shudder to think that, just a few minutes back, I was humming the dratted thing while learning up Muslim Politics and the Nationalist Movement. Which reminds me, I'd better go finish off my history work...
My toes and nose are freeeeeeeezing. Why can't the bloody weatherman make up his dratted mind?

Sunday, February 20, 2005


Life’s hell…Added to the bloody problem of the boards coming up next month, I have yet more worries. Those who cannot bear the thought of me discussing my anatomy on a public forum, kindly do not proceed. But, others may proceed at their own risk… I will tend to get hysterical, so don’t say I didn’t warn you!

THEY’RE SHRINKING! Shrinking, I ask you!! I mean, as though being small wasn’t enough. Yes, my lovely little mosquito bites, which have been planted most graciously by the Lord Almighty on my chest, are fast diminishing. Don’t even ask how. If I knew, I wouldn’t be bemoaning the fact! So while my bustily gifted friends go around, boasting of increasing sizes every month, all my lovely little lasses can do are shrink… I mean, it’s a classic case of grapes drying up to become raisins, while my friends will able to compete with Mother Dairy when the appropriate time comes! What the hell, man…

I HATE being a girl… It’s so annoying. You’re perpetually worried about having a nice figure, or well, at least a hilly terrain, and then, you have a hajaar little problems of how you sit, how you walk blah blah! It’s messy, tiresome and very unsatisfactory, being a female is!

Ah yes, the beautiful boards. Well, most of the bloody time I find myself daydreaming or fantasizing. Neither is very helpful, since the former makes me drowsy and the latter does anything but that! But neither makes me mug up dratted history dates! I can just feel my enthusiasm ebbing away, being sapped outta me, as I sit cooped up in the house, trying to study, getting nowhere, the only respite being a ½ hour walk with Mommy Dearest in the evening and sometimes, even that doesn’t happen.. I might be exaggerating a bit here, but the basic message remains the same. I feel drained of energy, of life, of anything that is rejuvenating. And yes, chuck in a bit of nostalgia as well, when I think about leaving school! Life’s perfect, ain’t it?

Friday, February 18, 2005

Sanity(?) Returns...

Dear readers, I feel I owe all of you an apology. Apparently, my last entry disturbed quite a few of you mentally, and in the case of Karan, physically. My humblest apologies. I hope you shall accept. Here, I would like to assure you all that, in real life, I am NOT half as freaky as I sound, neither am I the “female with a mad glint in her eyes” nor am I your “friendly neighbourhood Martian”! I, hereby, deny all charges and declare myself almost sane…

I have downloaded a song by Extreme called ‘More Than Words’ and I have completely fallen in love with it. It’s apparently a rather old song, but nevertheless, a delightful new discovery for me. It’s a very soft and soothing song with a bit of percussion and vocals and that’s about it. So if you’re the kind of person who enjoys soft, un- head-banging music then I think you’ll like it. You could download it if you like.

The lyrics are really nice too:

Saying I love you
Is not the words I want to hear from you
It's not that I want you
Not to say, but if you only knew
How easy it would be to show me how you feel
More than words is all you have to do to make it real
Then you wouldn't have to say that you love me
Cos I'd already know
What would you do if my heart was torn in two
More than words to show you feel
That your love for me is real
What would you say if I took those words away
Then you couldn't make things new
Just by saying I love you
More than words
Now I've tried to talk to you and make you understand
All you have to do is close your eyes
And just reach out your hands and touch me
Hold me close don't ever let me go
More than words is all I ever needed you to show
Then you wouldn't have to say that you love me
Cos I'd already know
What would you do if my heart was torn in two
More than words to show you feel
That your love for me is real
What would you say if I took those words away
Then you couldn't make things new
Just by saying, I love you
More than words…”

I hope you guys enjoy the song…. This entry, I hope, was nice and sane and not frightening…Till next time. Cheerio

PS: I’ve finished reading ‘Eats, Shoots and Leaves’ and, to put in like Audrey Hepburn, I “abso-blooming-lutely” loved it!

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Down Memory lane...

The other day, I was “studying” when, of course, my mind wandered and I started recollecting certain incidents from my childhood… Some of them were rather ludicrous, so I thought I’d pen, rather type, them down. When I was about 4 I had gone over to spend the weekend at my mom’s friend’s place. This friend has two kids, one of whom is 2 yrs older than I am. Now, one morning this 6 yr old and I decided it would be royal fun to fill up the bathtub and splash around in it in our swimsuits. One small catch; I didn’t have a swimsuit. So I, donned in a pair of bloomers and a shower cap, climbed into the tub with me friend and turned on the shower and was having a wonderful time, when suddenly, I slipped and fell down on my bum and remained in that position. I was, thus, merrily squatting in the water, when some water seeped into my bloomers making them swell up like water-filled balloons. My friend looked on in amazement and then, in a tone I’m sure Archimedes must have used when he exclaimed “Eureka!”, she said ,” wow! Now I know why they’re called bloomers! They bloom in water!!!” Another rather strange incident I remembered was about the time I was about 6 or 7…this is NOT to be taken in the wrong sense. I swear to God I was nice and innocent and NOT perverse. One afternoon, I stuffed two tennis balls up my t-shirt and yelled out in delight to my dear mother, “look mom. I’ve grown balls!” Now, we all know that that wish didn’t come true. I grew no balls nowhere. I’m as flat as flat can be…(sigh!)

Also, another bally incident would be when I stuffed one down my undies and walked around the house, and, as it would pop out from the back of my rotund backside, I would proudly declare, “ see, see, I’m making balls!” The Lord above, Save me! My world was one big, bloody ball!

My cousins claim that when I was about 9,I used to get terribly jealous when my mom paid more attention to them than to me. I, apparently, used to throw a tantrum, which, invariably, ended in me shrieking, “Nobody loves me! I have feelings too!” Jesus! What a bloody pain! I’m glad I’m not like that anymore. Not to say that I don’t not make faux pas still, but, I can confidently (?) say that they are infinitely better than the above…. Ah well, I have no clue as to why I’ve written this entry. It’s most obviously embarrassing for me, but then, I thought you guys might like a laugh… Adios!

Damn all damnation!

I have yet to see a more disorganised school than ours! I mean, they leave it till the last day or week, before giving us our admit cards, to inform us that we have to pay a ‘late fee’ for some day in April this year or that someone borrowed a book on our library card and hasn’t returned and yada, yada the list goes on… and the penalty? We don’t get our admit cards or enrollment forms till we’ve given back everything. Now, my case is a wee bit different. It all began one sunny morning at the beginning of my term in Class XI, when I was a very enthusiastic student, wanting to turn over a new leaf, be a good girl (we all know that didn’t work) and basically, to take part in anything ‘constructive’. So, with fiery patriotism burning in my heart I joined the newly launched NCC in our school with great gusto. We were made to stay-back in the glaring heat and march for hours on end and were promised a ‘privilege’ to be able to participate in the March Past with the appointees of Class XII. Being a naïve XIIthee, I was yet to learn about the unlimited horrors of marching. One of the complimentary things we were given for joining the NCC was what looked like a collection of shit-coloured, coarse sacks, which later, I discovered, was actually the NCC uniform! Of course, NCC fizzled out within a week of its birth and it was almost as though it had never existed, the only souvenir left was that ‘uniform’; I tried desperately to get rid of it, I did, but all in vain. I lugged that huge, crackling plastic bag with the ‘uniform’ in it at least three times to school: each time I was told to keep it at home, “iski koi zaroorat nahi hai”, “abhi rakh le” etc. So I kept in a corner of my room and left it at that. All was back to normal, until day before yesterday…. Yes, the NCC reared its ugly head yet again.

Mrs. Jyoti Bakshi demanded the uniform back, but that posed a huge problem. You see, the catch was that my mother, overflowing with the milk of human kindness, had donated it to charity. Now what?! Anyway, it was decided that I might as well pay up the fine. Here may I mention that another girl who also had to return the uniform had turned the lovely little thing into a pochcha! At least mine was put to a better, although rather unfortunate, use! So my mother got me to chase Mrs. Bakshi up and down to figure out how much to pay. The woman kept forgetting to find out. The whole part of it that makes me angry is the laxity of the school. NCC rakha toh naam ke vaaste; then they refuse to take the uniform back (which, believe me, I had no overwhelming desire to posses!); then they were supposed to collect the uniform at the end of the session (at which time I had the damn thing with me still!)but they conveniently forgot and now, they won’t tell me how much to pay! So I rang up this Divya Sahni ma’am. She was also as vague as ever and didn’t know how much I had to pay. She said to get 1000/- and if there was any change, she’d return it. Imagine paying 1000/- for that! When I told my mom this, all hell broke loose! She grabbed the phone from me and literally blew Divya Sahni up…Cursed the administration of the school, organization, authorities, yada yadas….

Anyway, now I have no choice but to pay the bloody money! !@#$%$%^^&&*()%$##@$!!!

Now that that’s out, there’s more coming…

Valentine’s Day is the stupidest day on the calendar. They really should have warning signs put a week before that should read: “ Valentine’s day is coming. Love will be in the air. Buy your very own oxygen mask NOW! HURRY!”

But instead, they have: “Get your sweetheart a cute pink teddy this Valentine’s Day! HURRY!”

EEEEEYUCK!!! I mean c’mon. Look at the reasons for its existence:

Rationale 1: It’s the one day of the year you can express your true love for your sweetheart by giving her something he/she really wants.

Counter Rationale 1: What are the other 364 days of the year for (add a ¼ day more in a leap year). For me, it’s just another way of going kangaal

Rationale 2: It’s the only day of the year you can tell the one love just how much you love him/her

Counter Rationale 2: Again, what are the other 364 days of the year for (add a ¼ day more in a leap year). Unless your vocal chords are on holiday, there’s no reason why you can’t do it otherwise.

Rationale 3: It’s a perfect day for a proposal (romantic)

Counter Rationale 3: Why? What’s so special? Has the sky turned green? Are pigs flying? And anyway, why must everyone do it together?

And the bizarre reasons go on and on till I am compelled to steel myself to all the coochie coos and teddy bears and the pink and red hearts, and pretend that everything is hunky-dory. One thing I found rather amusing though, was that all my gay friends and girl friends decided to wish whereas the straight guys kept themselves a safe distance away from me!

Ah well, now that that wretched day has come and gone, we shall be allowed to live undisturbed for yet another year till 14th Feb comes round again. Bah! Mush and icky slush is what it is! G’nite!

PS: I'm getting more and more annoyed. Rediffmail, for some obscure reason, seems to think i desperately need to either buy Cheap Viagra or increase my penis size. Isn't that the limit? For Chrissake, how much of a tomboy can I be?

Sunday, February 13, 2005

I found a pun I quite liked: " What most students dislike about school is the principal of the thing."

Blyech! Tastes like Karela...

Gloom, gloom, gloom and a li’l P.E. is all that my life is about currently…Yes, I had the P.E. BOARD practical yesterday. It was scheduled to start at 8:00am and began (our school, being our school) at 10:30. But, the time was whiled away quite enjoyably with friends and an “inspiring” speech delivered most heartfelt-ly by Dr. D.R. Saini. As mentioned before, most of my class has taken P.E. as their 6th subject, so meeting up with all my friends, after dealing with ballistic mothers, early in the morning came as a quite a refreshing change. Yes, so Dr. Saini’s speech. Well, it was supposed to instill in us great self-confidence and a desire to ‘overcome all’ and it began thus: “First of all, I would like to pray for all of you” And then he proceeded to tell us about how “your body is the temple, church, mosque, gurudwara of the living God. God is soul. Soul is immortal. Immortal is faceless. Therefore, God is faceless”(you really feel like adding a ‘hence, proved’ at the end of that, na?) There are also other interesting quotes I’ve picked up from Saini’s speeches for both our preboard and board practical: “In, P.E. when you are late, you are not late”, “P.E. is not P.E. if you don’t laugh”(this one was, of course, greeted with gales of laughter as the pent up giggles of 50 odd kids burst forth in all their gusto!) He also, for some very obscure reason, asked us, “are you all tapes (taps) or ghade (pots)?” Yet another unsolvable mystery the world shall be faced with…

The practical went off fine. Maybe that’s because I like sports and am not too bad at athletics. Some people were a little worse off though. In the long jump, there was this girl who landed smack on her bottom both the times and looked most woebegone as she sat in that bit of dug-up earth! Others were over enthusiastic and jumped about a metre before the ‘take off’ point and were disqualified and had to do it again. The second time, they were so hell bent on getting it right, that they carried on running, way beyond the ‘take off” point and forgot all abut the jumping! In the hundred-meter dash, Vrinda Marwah was most disgusted. Apparently, while she was running, she was heard to mutter, “How long is this dratted track?” She finished the dash in record time. The longest anyone has ever taken and she was greeted at the other end by the board examiner, who smiled at her and asked her “itna tez bhaagti hai! State level ke liye try kiya hai kya?” In the shuttle run, the rule says you’re supposed to touch the ground each time you complete 10 m . Right, now Mansi Khanna started running most enthusiastically, and was doing fine, till she had to touch the ground. She touched her own foot, and then stuck out her tongue and exclaimed “hai ram!”,slapped her forehead and then touched the ground! This was repeated at each end…Quite amusing, yes! Koval has this tremendous problem in running straight. She invariably runs onto her partner’s track…The shuttle run was no exception. She ran into Divya’s track, Divya fell and then Koval, (who was back on her track by then) by some miraculous domino effect, fell too!!

Thus, the practical progressed till 1:30 p.m. when we gave our viva, submitted our files and were finally allowed to leave. Tiring it was, and let me tell you, 12 noon is no time take an endurance test by making us girls run round the field for 9 minutes, when the guys get to do nice and fresh, first thing in the morning!

I came home with a throbbing head and aching muscles. I hadn’t run so much in quite a long time. Gone are the days when I practiced regularly for the athletics team. Yesterday, I got in a mere 2 ½ hours of studies, ate an early dinner and went to bed by 10….

My mother had begun to lose her sanity recently and was making my life perfectly miserable. However, yesterday, some guests came over and I got up early this morning to study and that’s put her in a better mood. It’s a relief that she’s more or less regained her good humour. Now we can hold a conversation for more than 10secs without biting each other’s heads off. I would like that to last, so I’m going now. S’long!

Oh wait, I forgot. Recently my life is described perfectly by this (DON’T LAUGH!) Vengaboys song:

“ 8 o clock, get up, get outta bed,

I feel like a truck ran over my head,

Another day of stress and sorrow.

Skip breakfast cos I gotta go,

ain’t got no time to take it slow;

And I will do my hair tomorrow (this part is the truest. I really must shampoo my hair now. It’s high time!)

And I can’t take it no more.

Is this what I’m living for??(actually yeah, if I wanna make it to Stephen’s!)”

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

This and that

The other day, the weirdest thing happened to me. I had gone to school to give a Micro Eco test and after hunting about finally reached the allotted room 10 minutes late…. I looked at the paper and thought, “Welcome to hell” and boy, oh boy, the freakiest thing happened at that very moment… it had looked like it was gonna rain, but the moment I thought about hell, the clouds just gathered and it became pitch black outside…Night like…it was freaky…talk about omens! Neway, of course, after staying like that for about 5 minutes, the rain finally came down, in cats and dogs and a whole freaking farm! Talking about rain, the weather has been very depressing for the past few days…I’m not the kind to appreciate dark, gloomy, wet days, when all I have to do is study for my boards…See, for me the rain is a bloody pain in the posterior. I can’t study unless I have the light on…It’s freezing… I can’t go out for walks and take nice long breaks in the sun… and worst of all, my underwear doesn’t dry!! It’s been quite a droll sight lately. You walk into my room, and you’re greeted by rows of lingerie drying in front of the heater! Yus, yus, gimme bright sunshine any day!

I had a rather ridiculous conversation with Skaranses the other day. His neighbour was getting married “about 5 metres away” and he noise in his room was deafening. Net result, he couldn’t hear me too good (story of my life, or is it just another omen?) Anyway, after a while there was dead silence and not a sound was too be heard…The conversation that followed went like this:

S: Umm…hello?

K: Hehe…Did you think the line got cut?

S: what the hell happened?

K: Nothing…

S: But there’s no noise!

K: yeah

S: are you in heaven suddenly?

K: I dunno..mebbe but its good to know MTNL still works there!

S: seriously..kya hua?

K: they all died! {Evil cackle} yes, they all dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedd!!

S: shut up! Tell me na!

K: I poured cyanide over them!

S: no you didn’t …where are you?

K: I’m my room. I think something exploded in Bhopal.

S: that’s not the reason they stopped making a racket..

K: yes, it was iso-cyanide!

S: are you in a soundproof room? Do you have a sound proof room in your house?

K: of course not! I would be in there all day then…

S: why? Not to hear the phone ring, for a first? Especially when its me?

K: hmmmm you say that…yes!

S: so you in the loo?

K: Smita, do you think my loo is miraculously shut off from all earthly sounds?

S: then what????

K: Okay…How’s this? When they were playing, they were making a noise…Now that they’re not playing, they’re quiet? Did that occur to you? And does that make me a genius?

Another rather embarrassing anecdote I have to relate…the other day I was going to this high tea (!) organized by someone in honour of their newly born granddaughter… So I decided to dress up…I wore like this total black outfit with a black and silver scarf. Now, one of my friends, who came down from Australia, had given me this awesome smelling deo with aloe vera. I decided to inaugurate it that day, by using it! So I liberally sprayed it on my clothes…now, BIG MISTAKE!!! I had somehow managed to miss the ‘anti-perspirant’ sign on the bottle…uff! So I basically had this white circle boldly outlined between my mammary glands, or should we just say lack of them?! Whatever the case, it wasn’t a very comfortable position, especially when I realized it a good 2 hours after coming home! Geez, I hope nobody noticed out there! It was a very la-de-da affair with all these grand old ladies cooing over the kid!

Now, I must go…tomorrow is my board prac for psychology. Buh bye..

Friday, February 04, 2005

As the dark clouds gather...

Dear, dear! A mere four weeks left till we enter Dooms Ville. Not a particularly pleasant thought, is it? But, I, nevertheless, have been having quite a good time. Let’s see now, after ze farewell, I had this whole bunch of birthdays to cater to, which obviously meant attending a whole bunch of parties. First on 31st Jan was Rhythma Kaul’s bday, closely followed by Bhavna on the 1st of Feb. Bhavna took us to Aka Saka for lunch. I never ever will tire of that place. The food is sooooooooooo good. Yesterday was Koval’s birthday. Dear Kaaaaaayyyy turned 18. Awww… look who’s all gwonup!! Ickles Koval’s a big girl now eh? Yesterday, I had to go to school for Psychology class and History moans… Amazingly enough, every teacher, apart from Good ol’ Mrs. Raghavan, seems to be terrified of sending 12 R to face the boards…Hmmmm, I wonder why. We aren’t ALL that dumb. Ah well, Aditi Agarwal (psych) and Archana Pental perpetually secrete liquid from their eyes these days if you mention “12R and boards” in one breath! Geez, they’re getting paranoid…But I guess you guys have kinda gotten the point, so I shall proceed1 Hmm, psychology class was good, but History class (ahem) was not quite as satisfactory. First of all, after we find a place to settle down in, we must always indulge in the ritual of paying obeisance to Padma by patiently listening to her groan and moan about how every part of her body is hurting to the extent of it being ready to fall off. Now, for the first few times, I used to feel bad for the woman, but now, it’s more of habit than anything else, devoid of all emotions whatsoever. Then we proceeded to open up our books and start studying (?), when Vrinda Marwah showed up and put an end to all such notions, and before we knew it, we were in gales of laughter, while quoting from the NCERT (which is possibly, the worst written history book ever!) For instance, it has things like VD Savarkar was one of the rare revolutionaries who braved the waves of the ocean for his motherland, which actually is implying to the fact of how he was captured and taken aboard a ship, from where he escaped, jumped into the sea and apparently swam furiously in the opposite direction towards France in the (errrr) service of his motherland! Mind you, the dude was recaptured from there and brought back to India…Uff!!! And not to mention a lovely little bit in our history handout which proudly declares, “Sir Charles Napier was awarded 70,000 pounds of booty!” Yes well, history is a rather amusing subject, what with little old bald men running around picking up handfuls of salt, champion swimmers who swim in the opposite direction, funny men who run away to foreign countries and decide to establish Indian National Armies there and strange French Residents called Bussy! But, I still adore it, so there! Some considerable time was also wasted on discussing certain bovine creatures who che cud all day and refuse to sign very important forms because a margin might not be straight by about 2°. This discussion took place, of course, courtesy a spluttering and fuming Vrinda who had been gracefully shunned by MS! Achcha, anyway, after this history class, Vrinda, Manav and I were picked up from school by Koval and Zafar and we went to Flavours and ate a gorgeous lunch. Oh, Anglie came too. Flavours serves like the bestest pasta I have ever tasted… Manav hogged from everyone’s plates including his own and at the end of a maha gorging session, sighed wistfully and declared that he was hungry. Koval’s parents then dropped Manav and me back to my place. And Manav’s mom and sister came to pick him up at about. The two hours that elapsed in between were so horrifying that I’d prefer not to relive them. After his, I went out for dinner. We were giving Kamava Bopana a surprise birthday party. It was somewhat enjoyable. Then I finally came home and crashed at about 1:00 am. I went to Bahri and Sons the other day and blew up half of my book coupons. I bought ‘Jude the Obscure’ and ‘Eats, shoots and leaves’. The latter is a delightful book which is quite unputdownable. However, it makes me feel really bad for the apostrophe…

Now I have decided that I have to go and study, so see y’all!

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