Thursday, September 22, 2005

the hills are alive...

Howdee all! I’m just back from a 4 daylong trip to Dharmshala and McLeodGanj. I had a great time…and of course, I have a gazillion tales to tell. I shall however, be brief.
First of all, the weather wasn’t what you would call ‘perfect’ for it was raining continuously, but that pretty much figures as ‘perfect’ in my definition. Anyhow, readers, the first thing you must all be warned about is that the English department is awfully air-headed. Or at least the bunch who came on the trip seemed to be. Basically, the journey to and from Dharmashala was not what one would call a comfortable one. See, the one major drawback was that it was a 17 hour-long route and we were in a bus. This teamed with not-very-in-tune, but highly enthusiastic antakshari singers can tend to get on one’s nerves. Let me describe to you all, both the journeys. On the way to, we began at 7:30 pm from Delhi and had just about reached the border of Delhi, when a riot of girls decided a dance party was in order. So that’s exactly what they organized. They convinced the letch of a conductor (I’ll come to him later) to put on a cassette, which, oh-so-unfortunately, turned out to be that of Salaam Namaste. Damn! Then those lovely lasses decided to start dancing, yes dancing, in the aisle of the bus. Trust me, when you’re sitting in an aisle seat, listening to your walkman, trying to drift off, it isn’t very helpful if random girls keep flashing mobile torches(as disco lights) in your eye and shoving there overly large posteriors in your face at regular intervals! Agony! Anyway, sleep did arrive and we did sleep. In the morning, I got up to find the girl sitting next to me asleep on my shoulder. See, I was sitting with a friend and one random 2nd year, cos us 1st years weren’t allowed to pick our seats. So, the girl who was asleep on my shoulder was a second year AND SHE WAS DROOLING!! #$$^^$$%^&()!!
I was soooooooooo pissed. I gave my shoulder such a shrug that it was a miracle my arm didn’t go flying out of the window. But, the dratted creature did not wake. She continued lolling her head on my shoulder…aaaaaargh!! I woke her up, very rudely…and switched places with my friend immediately, without telling her why! And then, by the time we began to ascend, the lot of us was very clearly divided into 2 groups. One which wanted to puke so bad, that conducting conversation with them was an absolute no-no, and the other who wanted to piddle so bad that they were hallucinating commodes all over the place, and could talk of precious little besides the acute description of the state their urinary bladder. And it really didn’t help that at every corner the bus would get stuck and we’d have to reverse in a way that might have rolled us all down the mountainside. And did I mention? Fear is not very good for either pissy or pukey people!
The journey back, not much better…. now the girls wanted to play antakshari and I have mentioned before what that is like. Also, the bus didn’t have a permit to cross the border of Himachal Pradesh before 12 and thus, we were stranded for a good 4 hours in a hotel that looked like a brothel. Then, I had to sit in the cabin, with the letch of a conductor who insisted on leering at me with his yellow teeth all the time I was awake at night and very calmly leant himself on my legs and dozed off!!!!
Now during the course of the trip…well, we were supposed to trek the first afternoon, but it started pouring and we shouldn’t have even thunk it. But we did anyway, and got attacked by leeches as a consequence. Also, one girl fell down in a puddle of mud and all she could do was sit there and yell like there was no tomorrow and spread paranoia. She screamed till her lungs could take no more and only when she was out of breath did the hysterical woman decide that getting up to her feet wasn’t such a bad idea after all! Then we went down to McLeodGanj the next day. Wonderful that was! Perfect! But when we reached the falls, the topics of discussion were Gucci shoes and a sale at Benetton and how sexy GAP stuff was! All this, mind you, while standing in the godforsaken waterfall!
“ ooooooooooh I love your shoes!! Too bad you have to get them wet huh?” and “man that sweater is yum! after we’re out of all this crappy water, can I try it on?” grrrrrr
then we trekked back in moonlight…also gorgeous, except that shortcuts are really fancy names for uphill trails in the mountains which give you the thrill of risking your neck with every step you take!
Bas, now I’m sleepy….I’ll come back soon!

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