Sunday, February 18, 2007


I find it distinctly amusing that this deliciously dormant blog still manages to gather new visitors…and they enjoy going through age-old entries. I don’t know if it saves me the work updating or increases the expectations to update. Either way, I’m in a random mood, so I shall update. Kindly be charitable enough to excuse any grammatical or expressional errors. I am not, currently, at my wittiest best. My mind is as sluggish as a shimmering hot summer afternoon. I shall, however, endeavor to please.
Before I forget, I must narrate a rather funny incident. Last vacations when I was in Kolkata, I remember being stuck in a colossal traffic jam. The inertness of the situation was not a shock at all. But the reason behind it was! Inching our way forward, when we got close enough to see what the hold up was about, I nearly split my sides laughing. For, you see, the Bengali population is, by far, the most complacent and, thereby, the most hilarious population in India. There was a sudden desire to improve upon the infrastructure of that particular road. Therefore, streetlights were being fixed. Now, there’s this unearthly long ladder held by two men at the base, with a man perched on top. The man has been fixing the streetlights on one side of the road. However, he needs to fix the bulbs on the opposite side. Now, any normal person would have descended the ladder and proceeded to transport it across the road. But, Bengalis are forever over smart. Thus, the man remained perched on top of the ladder, while the men at the base tentatively and painfully tried to keep balance, maintain the ladder at ninety degrees to the road AND walk across the road holding the ladder. The man at the top dragged himself along at the same momentum by virtue of an electrical wire connecting the two streetlights. And, to further obstruct movement, a crowd of say fifty people had gathered around and were yelling up advice, while inching slowly forward with the ladder-holding men! Truly a spectacle worth watching!
I have recently started re-exploring the magic of Disney animations. There’s something about the large dewy eyes and the magical quality of the music that fills one with an eternal child-like wonder. It revives a refreshing part of me that had gotten buried under a whole host of mundane and seemingly adult problems. So, while listening to “The Colours of The Wind” today, I rediscovered the joy of stargazing. Randomly. The sky was like a vaulted ceiling dotted with sparkling diamonds. The night air was crisp and cold with the smell of fresh earth. The sounds of human existence faded into oblivion with the magnitude of the universe. After a long time, I let my soul reach out to the sky today. And the world smiled with me. I rarely feel as wondrously happy as I did today.
I held my baby nephew in my arms. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. To hold so tiny a life in your arms and to see large eyes gazing at your face with innocence and trust is one of the most disarming charms in the world. And coming from me, it counts. I’m really not a baby-fan! But, there are so many things around you that can fill you with joy. All you have to do is look…

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